Recently Glenn K. Garnes Founder of Village Connector Media and Hilton H. Augustine, Jr. Chief Angel (Shark) Investor Englare sat down with host Lorette Farris, Business Strategist of iBOSS, Inc. They discussed internal and external teams from an Angel Investors stand point.

What team attributes are attractive to an investor as it relates to an entrepreneur looking to raise seed capital. Internal and external teams, when built with the correct individuals having the needed experience, essentially offer the opportunity for a startup company to begin its growth on a solid foundation.

An Angel Investor typically wants to see all areas of expertise covered. You may not have an expert in every area on staff, but you should be thinking of filling any potential "gaps" when looking for Advisors and Board Members. A sample of what you should have in mind are as follows:

• Operations Manager
• Human Resources (HR)
• Technology Expert
• Finance Executive
• Industry Knowledge Expert
• Marketing Executive

Click the video to see how Lorette and her guests went on to outline how advisors and board members are sometimes found and can be compensated.

Contributing Editor: Jessica L Koch