Lorette Farris, CEO at iBOSS, Inc. and Hilton H. Augustine, Jr., Chief Angel (Shark), Englare discuss on Capital Academy, what a business summary needs to help jump some Angel Investors to take the next step.

An Angel Investor can in some cases screen thousands of companies in ONE month. Typically an Angel Investor will start with the Executive Business Summary.

Looking primarily for:

1.) THE BIG problem that your company can solve.

2.) HOW your company will solve the problem.

3.) A clearly stated ROI (return on investment) for the Angel Investor.

Think about how to measure and time a return on investment?

Marketing is KEY!!

  • Do you have strong action items in place that match your projections.
  • Are your goals realistic?
  • What does it cost to acquire a customer?

Are you addressing the risks that may occur? Who regulates your product or service or security that may be involved?

Many more details are involved but that is the meat!

So what can you expect the process to somewhat look like?

Examples of possible steps to get to a truly interested Angel Investor:

1.) First contact, introduction, your business summary and first chance to grab their attention!

2.) The interested Angel may then ask for a Pitch Deck (about ten slides with more detail).

3.) The Angel Investor may then want to meet you in person or virtually.

4.) The Angel Investor may have their own required "template" for you to complete including information like business plan, business legal information, terms between you and the investor and value of the company.

Contributing Editor: Jessica L Koch