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Start It Up! On Angel Investing

Host Tiffany Donaldson of Donaldson Legal Counseling and Lorette Farris, CEO & Business Strategist at iBOSS, Inc. spending time discussing crowdfunding and key points a business needs to know to raise capital.

Key nuggets in this interview:

  • Capital is often raised in stages, and
  • The JOBS Act of 2012 and how it has changed the norms surrounding raising capital.

An Investor often invests their own:

  • Time,
  • Knowledge,
  • Experience,
  • Strategic Contacts, and
  • Money.

Having a professionally guided Pitch that you can share with many potential investors is key. Learn more about how you can achieve this by watching the full interview.

Contributing Editor: Jessica L Koch

Lorette Farris

Lorette Farris

The Original Capital Navigator - Crowdfunding industry expert providing back office services for companies raising capital through public or private offerings.

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Start It Up! On Angel Investing
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Lorette Farris