Connecting Wall St Vehicles to Main St Destinations

Capital Navigators are empowered entrepreneurs, investors, and service providers changing the landscape of what "access to capital" really means. They embrace the new capital market somewhat created as a result of the JOBS Act of 2012, where equity-based investments are the focus.

Capital Navigators are:

    1. Owners needing to navigate the landscape of raising capital knowing success depends on avoiding misdirected off-ramps;

    2. Investors (whether angel or crowd investor) seeking compelling opportunities to invest in the startup venture asset class; and

    3. Connectors who help to bridge the process!

Capital Navigators (knowingly or unknowingly) join with iBOSSinc to enhance the niche ecosystem of startup, early and development stage businesses seeking capital to start, build and grow their vision. This network is a resource hub for both human and financial capital - Welcome to Capital Navigators!


Capital Navigator Touch Points

We look to become a big tent and welcome all interested parties to connect with us where we can be of value to each other. Here are some of the Capital Navigator Touch Points:

  • MindTeam - Mastermind groups to share capital raising experiences
  • Case Studies Meetup - Dissect & assess current posted campaigns
  • Deal Review Webinars - Dissect & assess current posted opportunities

These touch points bring together like minds to get better acquainted with the new capital market options and opportunities for both budding-to-seasoned entrepreneurs and venture investors.

Open Nominatons for Capital Navigator Recognitions & Awards

iBOSSinc assesses the offerings of "crowdfunding" ecosystem platforms and participants for relevance to raising capital in this narrow population of pre-profit businesses. Through research and experience, we select our preferred service providers and the Capital Conference is where iBOSSinc recognizes them as such.

We welcome additional nominations from Registered Capital Navigators for:

    * Business Plan Developers

    * CPAs and Accountants

    * Securities Attorneys

During the December 2017 Captial Conference Recognition Awards we will also award the following as nominated by those who know best. Part of the selection criteria is how many votes received (so you can "self-select" to get the ball rolling).

Registered Capital Navigators please submit nominees for the following categories right away for them to be considered:

    Business Coaches and Advisors, Marketing & Branding Professionals, Web Devlopers, Technical Support, Media Production, Social Media Marketing, and Business Networks.

Recognitions and Awards are presented during our Quarterly Capital Conference:


In conjunction with their recognitions and awards, honorees are afforded opportunites for the following marketing exposure:

    * Co-Host a Capital Academy Show
    * Be a Panelist on PitchMe
    * Share your expertise in a Teaching Moment
    * Contribute a Blog Post

Member "Multi-Media Swag Bag" Offers
Calling all iBOSSinc Network Members - help celebrate the honorees by adding to the Multi-Media Swag Bag.


    * Idea Success TV - Feature Interview
    * Blue Artists - Honoree Press Release
    * WorkItCheryl - A Week of Social Media Posts